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The Inventors' Association of New England (IANE), founded on July 28, 1977, is a group of inventors having a common interest in helping fellow inventors get their inventions moving along the right track. Expert speakers and members are available to provide guidance to inventors in the patent protection area, marketing, product development, prototyping and other topics of interest to inventors.  Many IANE members have decades of experience in inventing matters and can provide valuable insight into the often perplexing invention process.  Anyone interested in inventing should join IANE.


Meet with other inventors and would-be inventors to discuss topics and share experiences in developing products. Subjects of interest include determining whether a proposed product will sell, patenting, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, licensing, and entrepreneurship.

Each public monthly meeting features an invited speaker on one of the above subjects and opportunity to network.

Other special smaller meetings allow invention ideas to be presented and critiqued under signed confidentiality.

Product ideas tend to be "low-tech" - housewares, tools, toys, pet products, sports and fitness aids, etc.

For more, including previous speakers and their topics, see www.inventne.org

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"Never invent anything unless there is a market for it!"  T.A. Edison

June 21, 2010 "Boston Globe" Reports: There is a new Inventing merit badge for the  Boy Scouts of America. The purpose is to spark creativity and to encourage careers in science and engineering.



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