Past Speakers/Newsletters List

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September 10, 2018 In lieu of regular meeting, open forum on how to improve the IANE

October 8, 2018 Michael Rigoli,, IANE member and successful inventor, on lessons learned developing his bestselling lacrosse backstop.

July 9, 2018 Rita Crompton on marketing on a limited budget, crowdfunding, National Hardware Show

May 14, 2018 PATHWAY TO PATENT PROTECTION by Patent Agent and member Joe Birkner followed by Q & A.  Joe can be reached at (978) 536-2864 or

April 9, 2018 Serial Entrepreneur Angelo Tortola  shared the wisdom gained from his patenting experiences.

Liz Sacco, inventor founder of Diabetic Dabs, www.diabetic, described the ups and downs of starting her business.  Liz presented her product idea to the IANE Inventors Clinic before she launched it.November 13, 2017 

November 13, 2017
Arra David, long time IANE member and successful inventor (e.g., Rebound Driveway Markers), shared his insights. His presentation, "Can You Pick A Winner",  challenged audience members.

October 9, 2017  

Steve Silbiger, Chief Marketing Officer of Top Dog Direct, the "As Seen On TV Company". Steve spoke to the IANE in April of 2014.  Steve and his associates were available during the afternoon of October 9 to look at product ideas proposed by inventors.  

September 11, 2017  

Warren Tuttle, President of the United Inventors Association of America, is our bi-annual speaker on open innovation, housewares, power tools, and more. See Access Innovation Solutions , Monashee MarketingPower Tool Innovation, and United Inventors Association of America  

August No Meeting

July 10, 2017 
Shark Tank veterans John DePaola (Paint Brush Cover) and Christopher Guerrera (power networking and lean manufacturing). 

June 12, 2017  
Annual Social.  Members and guests only.  No charge. Pig Roast Barbecue (also chicken) in Bob Hausslein's back yard at 20 Slocum Road Lexington.  Arrive anytime after 6:00 pm.

May 8, 2017 
Jordan Pelovitz, professional practitioner and teacher of 3D printing.   Lecture plus mini workshop where members can participate and create if they bring in their laptops and a mouse (with a wheel in the middle).  Assisted by IANE member Shirley Woo. 

April 7, 2017
Stephen Key, noted inventor and author of "One Simple Idea" and "Sell Your Ideas With or Without a Patent"  

March 13, 2017
Michael Noll, cofounder of Lightning Launch: inventor-centric product development, invention licensing, and product distribution.  

February 2017 - Meeting canceled due to weather

January 9, 2017

Adam Hocherman, Founder of Tinkineer, whose premier product line, Marbleocity, is a series of American-made, laser-cut "marble machine" STEM kits that kids ages 9+ assemble themselves.

December 12, 2016
Inventors Roundable with Rita Crompton, "The Inventor Lady". Questions and comments from the audience. 

November 14, 2016  

Gastón de los Reyes spoke about the difficult judgement calls inventor must make for commercialization.  He used the history of the Segway to stimulate discussion, then subjected to critique the ongoing development of member Chloe Hill's Hypnap travel sleep aid. 

September 12, 2016  
Pagan Kennedy and Steve Hollinger. Inventology author and former New York Times Magazine columnist Pagan Kennedy explored “the art of serendipity” with inventor Steve Hollinger.   

July 11, 2016
Guided tour of Artisans Asylum in Somerville, one of the largest makerspaces in the U.S.

June 13, 2016 
Annual Social for members and guests. Hosted this year by Justine Bolduc

May 9, 2016
Corky Newcomb, sports inventor mentor and inventor of Lite4Nite golfballs and related products. See Corky gave a well-received presentation to the IANE in March 2013. 

April 11, 2016 
Rita Crompton "The Inventor Lady" and founder of the Inventors Roundtable in Colorado. See her blog at Rescheduled from February 8 snow cancellation.  

March 14, 2016  

Chloe Hill and Darry Yang  described the ups and downs of launching their product, the Hypnap TruRest travel sleep aid.  See  Chloe and Darryl have presented at the IANE inventors Clinic. 

February 9, 2016
Meeting cancelled due to snowstorm.  The speaker, Rita Crompton, was rescheduled for April. 

January 11, 2016

Sam Asano, inventor of the portable fax machine and author of the regular column "Sam Asano's Let's Invent" at the New Hampshire Union Leader. 

December 14, 2015

Phil Nigro, inventor and developer of the Stud Grabber - the instant storage clip that mounts in seconds and involves no hardware.  Phil described the adventure of launching a new product.  

November 14, 2015

Speaker had to cancel, so we had regular meeting discussing general questions.

October 12, 2015

Questions about patents and patenting were addressed by our panel of member patent practitioners: Joe Birkner, William Mansfield, Jerome Sacks, and Charles Szmanda.  The same panelists discussed patents at our January 2014 meeting.  

September 14, 2015

 Warren Tuttle, who has helped inventors of houseware products develop and license their ideas at no cost to the inventors, is now also embracing power tools and related hardware.  Warren has been a popular repeat speaker at IANE. 

July 13, 2015

Gastón de los Reyes, who co-founded SPF Innovations in 2005 to develop, patent and license new products and processes for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.     Gastón shared lessons learned and offered advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.  The video of his talk is at

June 8, 2015  Annual Social at Lynnette Hartwig's in Westford.  

May 11, 2015

Don Job, former president and longtime supporter of IANE, now moving away from New England, offered advice and numerous invention ideas to members that he acknowledges he will never develop.  

Lynnette Hartwig reported on her attendance at the San Diego Inventors Meeting. 

April 13, 2015 

David Abramowitz, founder of Kulkea, which develops and manufactures innovative ski and ski boot backpacks. David presented his early ideas at our Inventors Clinic a few years ago.

March 9, 2015

Patricia Nolan-Brown, successful serial inventor, coach to aspiring inventors, and author of Idea to Invention. See her website at 

February 9, 2015

Meeting cancelled due to weather. The presentation by Gastón de los Reyes is now scheduled for July.

January 12, 2015 

Angelo Tortola, founder and CEO of Venture Electronic Products, will give a presentation entitled “ How to Invent for Profit  “.  He will speak about the process of recognizing a need, coming up with a new product (the invention - in this case a cell phone emergency charger called the Charge-Key and how to develop, set up production, and distribute the finished product.  

December 2014

Al Contarino, inventor of the Kettle Pizza and long time IANE member. Lessons learned at Kettle Pizza from idea to product development to company founding to selling internationally.   What we got right and what we got wrong!

November 2014

November 10, 2014 John Calvert, the new Executive Director of the United Inventors Association, formerly Senior Advisor of the Office of Innovation Development at the USPTO.  You can contact John at  

October 2014

Kate McLeod of The Grommet, which launches undiscovered products and helps them succeed. Kate is VP of Discovery and part of The Grommet's founding team, of which Joanne Domeniconi spoke to the IANE in 2011.  Since then the Grommet has expanded substantially.

September 2014

Jim Richardson of Richardson and Associates spoke on why the success rate of individual inventors is so low.  Jim previously spoke to the IANE in 2010. 

July 2014

Private tour of Artisan's Asylum in Somerville starting at 7:30 PM.  See  Artisan's Asylum is a non-profit organization furnishing education, tools, workspace, and community to empower dedicated fabricators, including hobbyists, artists, and early stage entrepreneurs, to create on large or small scale.  We serve the Somerville and global creative makerspace community, the arts, and the innovation economy with the goal of making the world a place where sincere, createive individuals are able to give form to their ideas.

June 2014

Annual Social hosted by Lynnnete Hartwig

May 2014

May 12, 2014  Darleen Flaig, PSI Inc.  "No Surprises!   Minimizing The Risk Of Manufacturing New Products"  The complexities and costs involved with bringing a new product from concept to fruition demand the highest level of attention to detail.  As with any new venture, planning is imperative, and knowing what questions to ask is more critical than searching for a particular or absolute answer.

April 14, 2014 

Steven Silbiger, Senior Director of Television Marketing, Top Dog Direct.  Top Dog Direct develops or finds new products and creates "as seen on TV products."      See their services here:

March 2014   

Raymond Milano, Assistant District Director, U.S. Small Business Administration.  The SBA provides financing (both debt and equity) and counseling (both internet and face-to-face) to small businesses and nascent entrepreneurs. 

February, 2014

Michael Antino, President of Merchant Media, LLC,, a leading marketer and distributor in the As Seen On TV industry. Merchant  Media have marketed dozens of successful inventions including Smart Spin, Perfect Pancake, Mister Steamy, Swivel Store etc.  Michael would like to be of assistance to inventor members who may have the next As Seen On TV success. 

January, 2014

Questions about patents and patenting were addressed by our panel of member patent practitioners: Joe Birkner, William Mansfield, Jerome Sacks, and Charles Szmanda. 

December, 2013
Joshua Resnikoff, cofounder of Cuppow drinking lids for Mason Jars - started last year, over 250,000 sold - and BNTO jar lunchboxes. 

November, 2013
Michael Collins, Founder and CEO of Big Idea Group,, presented a talk entitled "Lean innovation - A Case Study". Mike has been a frequent speaker at IANE meetings with provocative perspectives on how to launch inventions, based on years of experience both with our members and others.  

October, 2013
Ron P. Wacks, CEO of Microbusiness Strategies LLC, author of four Networking books, and international speaker on Entrepreneurship, Microbusinesses, Innovation, and Networking, will present "Basic Networking: The Fundamentals of Building Your Network". Ron often says, "of all the tactics and strategies one can learn to improve a business or organization, learn why networking is the most important skill to develop…and why it’s the most important thing you’ll do every day beyond getting up in the morning."  

September, 2013

Warren Tuttle has helped inventors of houseware products develop and license their ideas at no cost to the inventors.  He is now also embracing power tools and related hardware.  Warren has been a popular repeat speaker at IANE.  He is at once entertaining and generous with anecdotes that illustrate how new products really get launched and sustained.   

August  2013

No meeting

July  2013

 Mike Noll, CFO of Lightning Launch    Lightning Launch invents, develops, secures intellectual property protection for, and then licenses products to national and international As Seen On TV (ASOTV) promoters and/or retailers.  

June, 2013

IANE picnic

May, 2013

Cary Harwin, President and Co-founder of FundaGeek – Crowdfunding for Technical Innovation.   

April, 2013

Our featured speaker was John Erdman, who has recently launched a new elegant paper towel dispenser.    Also, see the article in the recent Boston Globe at

March, 2013

Our featured speaker was Corky Newcomb, successful sports products inventor.   
See his products and learn more about him at 

February 2013

We met at the KettlePizza facility of IANE members Al Contarino and George Peters in Groveland, MA..  Browse their  website here.  Al and George talked about the ups and downs of getting the KettlePizza into manufacture and distribution and showed us around their plant and offices.  

January 2013
Michael Collins, founder and CEO of Big Idea Group, gave a provocative presentation entitled "Inventing is Dead".  What you may think about the inventing process is outdated.  Almost every facet of innovation has changed within the last decade - and more changes are coming.

December 2012

Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss, cofounders of InventRight Stephen is the author of One Simple Idea, a very popular how-to book on inventing and licensing, and more recently, "one Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs" .   

November 2012

November 12, 2012 Bill Clark is a life long farmer, former educator, and great grandson of inventor, William Perley Clark, who patented the soda fountain in 1880. Bill has grown patented horticultural products for over two decades. He showed the original prototype model for the patented soda fountain and also spoke on the current state of patented plants and seeds and the impact on what you eat, look at, or smell.  

October 2012

Bonnie Kaake, President of the Rocky Mountain Inventors Association and past-president of the United Inventors gave a presentation via Skype entitled “Three Powerful Tools You Need Before You Spend One Cent"   

September 2012

Historian and Author John Laurence Busch was our September speaker. He is the author of the recently published non-fiction book on the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by a steamship, entitled “STEAM COFFIN: Captain Moses Rogers and The Steamship Savannah Break the Barrier.” 

No Meeting in July and August       

June 2012

Mark Reyland, Executive Director of The United Inventors Association of America,  spoke on "The Road to Inventing"   

May, 2012

Randall R. Jacobs, Head of Business & Product Development at Concord Tools Guangzhou-Boston, shared his insights into sourcing in China.  In addition, Randall discussed the product commercialization process, its various pitfalls, and what he is doing locally to address these problems.   

April, 2012

Thomas A. Franklin, Associate at the firm of Wolf Greenfield - specialists in intellectual property law, gave a talk entitled, "Getting the Patent That's Right for You - Synchronizing Your Patent and Business Needs".   

March 2012

Arthur Venditti, long time IANE member with a lifetime of experience inventing, developing, and licensing, showed many of the toys and small products he has worked on over the years.  He also showed pictures encompassing his work and recreation in China.  Arthur has helped many IANE members, especially at Inventors Clinic meetings.  He last presented at the IANE in December 2009.

February, 2012

Our speaker, Mike Bucci, discussed "Making the Jump from Good Idea to Commercial Success". Mike is both an inventor and invention developer with several products on the market He has recently published a book to guide new inventors - “Start Living The American Dream - An Entrepreneurs Guide to Turning Your Idea Into Your Future”, available on Mike's Powerpoint presentation is here.

January 2012

Our January 9, 2012 speakers, Jim Mosher and Herb Loeffler, demonstrated and described the development of the Reel Fast fire hose winder. See See video: here. In addition, Herb updated us on his Easy Down personal descender, which was recently shown on The History Channel See Herb's website at

December 2011

Sean O'Reilly, founder of 3D Printsmith in Brighton, MA,, spoke about the state of the art in 3D printed prototypes (plastics, ceramics and metals) and the future of "Additive Manufacturing". 

November 2011

Our speaker, Sarah Johnson, website strategist and principal of, spoke on "How to Make Your Website Work Harder." Topics included affordable solutions, usability, search engine optimization and simple shopping carts. 

October 2011
Our speaker was Lynnette Hartwig, IANE member and practicing mechanical engineer.  Lynn spoke about 1) prototyping: getting the important features right, and 2) how to select the appropriate shop for tooling or a small to medium run.   

September 2011 

Our speaker was Warren Tuttle, the "Guru of Housewares", who works with independent inventors and has brought to market such hit products as"Smart Spin" and "Misto".   Currently, Warren focuses on external product development for Lifetime Brands, the world’s largest manufacturer of kitchen utensils. Lifetime Brands manufactures and markets over 30,000 products under multiple brand names including Farberware, Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart, Pedrini, Mikasa, Towle and Pfaltzgraff; introducing over 4,000 new products each year.  See Warren's website at  

July 2011

"Cashing In On Your Aha Moments of Invention"  Serial inventor, Patricia Nolan-Brown shared how she turned her ideas into marketable best-selling creations. She mixed humor and skill outlining the stages of invention and business development around her 4 US Patents and 1 Patent Pending.  For the video of her presentation, see   

June 2011

No meeting, IANE 2nd annual social was held at the home of member Barbara Lewis in Carlisle, MA.  A great time was had by the over 50 members and guests who attended.

May 2011

At our May 9, 2011 meeting, three members gave short presentations about the ups and downs of developing their products and getting them to market. See the products of: 

Al Contarino at
Susan Robins at, and 
Dale Van Cor at

April 2011

Our speaker was John Mosher, inventor and developer of the Snow-Bow, an egonomically designed snow shovel.  John is an industrial designer living in Hopkinton who has left corporate employment to launch superior consumer products.  See the video of the Snow-Bow at his website:   

March 14, 2011

Our speaker was Joanne Domeniconi, Chief Discovery Officer and co-founder of Daily Grommet, which every day at noon launches one inventive consumer product or service and broadcasts its story across the web.   Product suggestions come from people all over the world.  For more, see   

February 14, 2011

Our speaker was Nicole Hait, Director of Corporate Communications at Inpex and Invent Help. Inpex is America's largest invention trade show, next scheduled to be held on June 14-17, 2011, in Monroeville, PA. In addition to exhibitions, the show features a program of seminars, presentations and panel discussions. For more, see and

January 10, 2011

Dick Liou, inventor, entrepreneur, and IANE member, has commercialized products including children's educational toys such as inflatable building blocks (see  

December 13, 2010

Mike Collins, founder and CEO of Big Idea Group,  updated us on the products his clients are looking for from independent inventors - at no cost to the inventors. He was joined by longtime member Arra David, on the enterprise they launched last year to market Rebound, the driveway marker product they developed. See videos at  

November 8, 2010

Jim Richardson, of Richardson and Associates, share his experiences in developing new products for entrepreneurs and small start up companies. His talk covers identification of product need, researching concepts, various methods of prototype development, alternate sourcing and manufacturing, finance options, and strategies for licensing and moving the product to the marketplace. 

October 2010 

David Hartstein, founder and CEO of KaBloom, tells why and how he invented the "Moses Miracle" to keep cut flowers hydrated and fresh during shipment. As Executive in Residence at the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University, he lectures on a broad range of subjects related to entrepreneurship.

September 13, 2010

Gus Bigos of Evergreen Innovation Partners will talk about the progress Evergreen IP has made in helping inventors bring their products to market. Also, Evergreen IP recently entered into a an agreement with Clorox, under which they solicit, screen, and present new product concepts for Clorox under a standard licensing deal.  Gus will explain what Clorox is looking for and how the standard licensing deal works. 

August 2010

No meeting

July 12, 2010

Patrick Raymond, Executive Director of the United Inventors Association and independent inventor. He will describe best practices for inventors and inventor-friendly companies.  Tags:  UIA, shower curtain, As Seen on TV,

June 2010

Picnic, no meeting.  In the newsletter, Robert Hausslein shares his thoughts about quitting his day job and working as a full-time inventor in his notes on Keep On Plugging

May 2010

Our featured speakers for the May 10 meeting was Thomas Roskelly, creative director of Roskelly, Inc. and intellectual property attorney Diane Chubb. Tom and Diane took us step by step through the process of creating and protecting a successful brand. 

April 2010

IANE member George Peters has developed and successfully commercialized "The Mitt" reusable applicator system (see and the "What Now???" evacuation training aid.  See his website at

March 8, 2010

Bill McHenry, founder and president of Entrepreneur Sales and, which provides outsourced sales, marketing and business development services to help inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.   

February 8, 2010

Jim Ugone, seasoned entrepreneur and expert horticulturalist, founder and president of U CAN Brand  Jim has created and commercialized an all-in-one watering can that simplifies watering and fertilizing. He shared his experiences launching this new product. 
Tags: gardening, patent, speaker

January 14, 2010

Brian D. Gildea, Esq., attorney who has established a private intellectual property practice in Bedford, Massachusetts,, discussed non-disclosure/disclosure agreements and licensing.   

December 14, 2009

Arthur Venditti of The Product Development Network Arthur Venditti has a lifetime of experience inventing, developing, and licensing products - both his own and other's. Many of his products have been in the toy industry. In recent years he has devoted much of his energy toward product sourcing in China. A video of his presentation is at   Arthur previously spoke to the IANE in March of 2008. Tags: Asia, manufacturing, overseas, speaker

November 9, 2009  

John Hurwitch and Gene Briskman, counselors at SCORE (Service Corps of  Retired Executives), gave an informal overview of SCORE and how it helps individuals starting businesses and bringing products to market. John was a co-owner and CEO of an upscale woman's clothing  chain, who then became a consultant to hospitals and other enterprises, improving their performance and profitability.  Gene owns a marketing and business consulting firm, is involved with industrial  manufacturing and private equity.

October 12, 2009

Product development and innovation expert Louis Foreman is the creator and executive producer of the Emmy Award winning PBS show Everyday EdisonsCEO of Edison Nationpublisher of Inventors Digest magazine, founder and chief executive of the integrated product design and engineering firm Enventys, creator of five successful startups, and holder of nine US Patents.  His firm is responsible for the development and filing of 150 more. 

September 14, 2009

Daniela Stark is the inventor and developer of the Kidknows Outdoor Thermometer, which empowers kids to choose the right outdoor clothing even if they are not old enough to recognize numbers.  Daniela was an award winning industrial designer for Product Genesis and Arthur D. Little, Inc.  She has been an independent consultant for medical and consumer product companies.

July 13, 2009

Dave Cormier and Karyl Lynch product scouts of Pelham West AssociatesProduct scouts are paid by client companies rather by inventors. Products they are seeking are at . Dave and Karyl are founders of the Innovators Resource Network, the only other inventors' group like IANE and located in western Massachusetts.  They have brought several products licensed from independent inventors to market. Founded 11 years ago, Pelham West matches new products with client companies.  Pelham West's clients range from mom-and-pops to  Fortune 100 companies.

June 8, 2009

Don Kellyformer USPTO Chief of Staff and co-founder of the United Inventors AssociationDon established the USPTO's inventor support programs. The Obama Transition Team sought his advice regarding inventor issues which he will share as well as his suggestions on how to add "wings" to invention ideas.

May 11, 2009

Warren TuttleThe "Guru of Housewares" featured in the March 2009 "Inventors Digest". Warren spoke at IANE in September of 2007. He works with independent inventors and brought to market "Smart Spin" and "Misto". He is the external product liaison for Lifetime Brands (Faberware, Kitchenaid, Culsinart), the # 1 supplier of kitchenware in the world. .  Reach  Warren at 203-594-8808 or

April 13, 2009

Missy Cohen-Fyffe, founder and president of Babe Ease, LLC, a home based business founded in 1999 in New Hampshire that is focused on innovative baby products such as the Clean Shopper shopping cart cover and the Clean Diner highchair cover.  Missy holds 20 patents and trademarks.  She has been a guest on many syndicated TV shows and featured in national publications.

March 9, 2009

Bob Oros, President of Business Development Resources,  Inc will give us a "peek under the corporate tent" with his talk entitled "Licensing to Corporations - Do's and Don'ts", which is designed to help inventors and entrepreneurs understand the corporate licensing process and corporate psyche through a series of nine pragmatic steps.  These include insights into the internal corporate process, who to contact and how, imperative presentation content, potential landmines, questions to anticipate, etc.  In addition, Bob's company has been retained by a major corporation to seek products in the following categories: household cleaning, eye care, skin care, and nose & ear care.  Ideas may be submitted to Bob at any time at

February 9, 2009

Jack Lander, full-time mentor to inventors and new product startup entrepreneurs.  His talk is entitled "Test Before You Invest"  Jack is Vice President of the Yankee Invention Exposition, past president of the United Inventors Association (both, not for profit) and author of How to Finance Your Invention or Great Idea.  Jack has written a regular column for Inventors Digest for the past 13 years and is also an active inventor with 12 issued patents and 2 in progress.  For more, see

See the fascinating paper he wrote on "Evaluation the Market Potential of Your Invention"

January 12, 2009

Bob Monahan, founder and CEO of Monahan Products LLC. maker of the innovative Uppababy high-end baby strollers ( Bob launched Uppababy in 2006.  Uppababy, now carried by more than 150 retail outlets, is publicized with celebrity moms such as Brooke Shields, Tori Spelling, and Denise Richards.  Bob's newer products include the EZ Leaf Hauler ( which is already on the market, and an integrated home gate system (, launching this January.

December 8, 2008

Kristina Grasso, IANE member and Intellectual Property Attorney, with experience in patenting consumer products and medical devices, among other areas. She also teaches Patent Practice as Adjunct Professor at the Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, NH. Her talk  focused on copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and licensing.

November 10, 2008

Jamey Bennett, founder and CEO of LightWedge, the book light that illuminates only the page you are reading, without bothering someone sleeping next to you. The product line has expanded and is carried by many retail stores.  See the text of the recent article in the Boston Globe and a video at

October 13, 2008

Alaric Naiman, worked in industrial R&D for 13 years before becoming a technology and strategy consultant and innovation facilitator.  Alaric was the speaker at the October 2003 general meeting.  Since then he has frequented meetings of the IANE Inventors Clinic, benefitting presenters with his broad technical and industry knowledge.  For more, see

September 8, 2008

Michael Collins, Founder and CEO of BIG IDEA GROUP.  IANE members who regularly attend meetings are aware that Big Idea Group is frequently mentioned, as an organization that takes an invention idea for possible development and licensing.  As product scouts, BIG charge inventors nothing, but are highly selective in what product ideas they take on, ultimately sharing any proceeds with the inventor.  For more on Big Idea Group, including their track record, go to . Mike is the author of the recently published "The Million Dollar Idea in Everyone".

July 14, 2008

The scheduled speaker canceled 1 hour prior to the meeting and did not show up. Not to be deterred, miscellaneous topics were discussed relative to patent protection and entrepreneurship with tips, resources and answers to member's questions shared at the interesting and very informative meeting. 

June 9, 2008      

Keith Bibby, son of member Ken Bibby, discussed lessons from years of developing and selling products to Wal-Mart and QVC. Keith is currently developing large scale solar cells for IP&E in Tyngsboro and teaching innovation in business research and project management at the University of Phoenix.lessons from years of developing and selling products to Wal-Mart and QVC

May 12, 2008

John Rocheleau  discussed his 10-year experience as an independent inventor, starting with his first invention idea and culminating with his recent settlement with a Licensee of 5 inventions. Elements included, finding an angel investor, negotiating 2 License Agreements, enforcing accurate royalty reporting and, ultimately, 'Davey beating Goliath'.  His story may be found at

April 14, 2008

Donald Job,  President Emeritus of IANE, Product Development Consultant, author, lecturer and scientist.  Founder of Enbede Co. and IPRS, Inc.;"Lessons from 30 Years of Inventing".

March 10, 2008

Arthur Venditti of Seneca Design.  Product sourcing in China and his lifetime livelihood of invention, development, and licensing, including helping other inventors: concept evaluation, preliminary design, product development and sourcing manufacturers. Contact Arthur  at  vendar@verizon.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

February 11, 2008

Rufus Seder, founder of Eye Think, Inc, developed and patented fascinating optically animated artwork, in forms ranging from greeting cards to murals in museums and public buildings.  His art is may be appreciated by visiting

January 14, 2008

meeting snowed out; rescheduled for May 12, 2008.  The newsletter is an excerpt, with permission, from the Inventors' Resource Network's Dec 5, 2007 Newsletter, entitled, "Marketing Your Invention through Catalogues" by Jack Lander

December 10, 2007

William Schawbel, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Schawbel Corp. in Bedford, MA;  Bill provided advice to inventors based on his extensive experience in devising new products and bringing them to market. Many of the products Bill has developed and marketed are based on their ThermaCELL butane cartridges.  These include hair curlers, soldering irons, baby bottle warmers, and most recently, mosquito repellent.  New products are in the works.

November 12, 2007

Scott Keeley of Obvia, a firm that positions itself as a full service resource for inventors and small companies.  Obvia develops working prototypes and virtual prototypes, arranges for appropriate patent protection, and brokers the product to prospective licensees.

October 8, 2007

Bob Hausslein, President of IANE . The meeting addressed member questions and comments.  Bob discussed about what he has learned from the 300 presentations at the Inventors Clinic over the past eight years and the surprising insights he has gained from choosing among several invention developers.

September 10, 2007

Warren Tuttle of Bear Mountain Marketing; housewares specialist.   Warren, and his business partner Ed Ryan, have well over 50 years of combined housewares industry experience in retail buying, sales, product development, fulfillment, distribution, and marketing.  Warren has led the introduction of such products as Smart Spin, container storage system; MISTO, The Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer;  StirChef, The Hands-Free Saucepan Stirrer; and “Toss and Turn”, raised edge fry pan.  Finding  unique, kitchen related products, patents and inventors, and then introducing these unique products to market, is the key to their unique business model.

July 9, 2007

IANE member John Westcott on using Brainstorming methods to improve inventiveness.  John has taught this subject to corporate groups.  Recall he addressed the group in July 2005 on the subject of 3D mechanical design.

June 11, 2007

The featured speaker was our IANE Recording Secretary, Nancy Kerrigan.  Most of us know Nancy as the inventor/developer of such pet products as the Harness Play Pack, the Harness Raincoat, and the Sleep-N-Store Pet Bed.  At the June meeting she described and demonstrated her new product venture - a dog feeding bowl that is being developed by Evergreen IP in Colorado.  MAGGIE her dog was the hit of the meeting. 

May 14, 2007

Herb Loeffler spoke to us in  2005 about Easy Down, the device he developed to escape from tall buildings.  At the May meeting, he described his method of design that considers as many alternatives as possible in order to achieve a superior product. After managing his own design firm (Loeffler-MacConkey) which had a dozen employees, he now works independently.  Herb has degrees in both mechanical engineering and industrial design and is an IANE member.

April 9, 2007

Wayne Strattman, founder and president of Strattman  He shared his experiences in bringing 11 inventions successfully to market in the toy/fascination item industry.  As Wayne states it, " I think I can give people an idea of how business is really done in this industry.  It’s a lot different than most people think it is.  There are more back room meetings amongst known players than there are formal meetings about licenses and patents.  Its important to learn to identify who the “players” are and to do some diligence before venturing forward". (

March 12, 2007

Dave Hoch, a full time inventor/entrepreneur, who has started and sold several companies he has built around his products.  The topic is  Hokey Spokes, illuminating light blades that display designs and messages on bicycle wheels at night.  See the video at  Dave also talked about a new "low-tech" product of his - Growing Grids, a home gardening aid. He discussed the whole process from concept to patenting, manufacturing in the US and in Asia, marketing using trade shows and the internet, and distribution. 

February 12, 2007

Peter Nieves, patent attorney and faculty member of the Franklin Pierce Law Center.  His presentation covered US patent practice and patent protection, intricacies of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, differences between US and Foreign statutory bars, and things to consider prior to attempting to obtain US or foreign patent protection.   His bio is at

January 8, 2007

James Richardson of Richardson and Associates, Inc., an experienced inventor and consultant operating out of southern Maine.   For the past 25 years he has developed products for entrepreneurial clients and is now also licensing products of his own.  (

December 11, 2006

Chris and Sonia Hillios, inventors and developers of SeaDine Snorkel Snax, underwater fish  They described their ups and downs getting their business launched. 

November 13, 2006

Dave Kaufman, President of Hemetrics Development Corporation who discussed his hydration meter HEMETRICS   on behalf of independent inventor Dave Hoch, who has started and sold several companies he has built around his products and could not attend.  He planned to talk about Hokey Spokes, illuminating light blades that display designs and messages on bicycle wheels at night.  See the video at

October 16, 2006

Darleen Flaig,  founder of Product Solutions International .  Darleen advises on product development and global sourcing.  She has spoken at numerous IANE meetings.  She introduced Cory Costintino of Tekstyl Inc. who has fought in the marketplace to launch his patented computer case and the lessons he learned about his custom computer case business.

September 11, 2006

Mark  Gies,  COO of Inventors Workshop, a subsidiary  of Big Idea Group. Inventors Workshop specializes in promotional  products.  Unlike Big Idea Group, which licenses inventions, Inventors  Workshop sets up the manufacture and distribution itself. 

July 10, 2006

Dave Cormier and Karyl Lynch product scouts of Pelham West Associates, product scouts having a long time connection with the IANE.

JUNE 12, 2006

George Tlucko, IANE member, discussed the invention, development, and commercialization of his high performance ice skates. See

MAY 15, 2006

Gus Bigos of Evergreen IP  spoke on Commercializing Your Invention,  including trends in open innovation at consumer product companies, key attributes of successful new products, pros and cons of various routes to commercialization, including (but not only) a discussion of the approach at Evergreen IP.  Note that some inventions of IANE member Nancy Kerrigan are being developed by Evergreen IP. 

April 10, 2006

John Adams successful inventor on translating ideas into commercial reality; application of inventive skills to manufacturing and marketing.  John was Secretary of the IANE in the late 70's.  He showed two products he developed which are at and at

March 13, 2006

Mike Marks invention developer of Invention City   Mike discussed the ups and downs of developing and licensing the PaperPro and PowerShot staplers, which have generated over $250 million in sales.

February 13, 2006

Arthur Venditti – Independent Product Development Consultant with over 35 years experience in developing consumer products and toys, spoke about and answered questions relating to his experiences in all aspects of the product development process.  As an Industrial Designer, he has invented, patented, licensed, named, and commercialized a wide variety of consumer products. Although Arthur has spent most of his career in the Toy industry, much of what he has experienced can apply to most mass market product areas. He has spent the last 10 years sourcing and developing products to be made in China and will share his insights for those who have thought about doing the same.  "How To Get My Product Made in China".   E MAIL

January 9, 2006

Courtney Heath of  Z Corporation provided an introduction to 3D printing and rapid prototyping, showing samples ranging from the simple to the complex - including moving parts.

December 12, 2005

Michael Antino of Merchant Media, the "concept to consumer" product development company that brought Smart Spin, rotary storage device for plastic containers and lids, to commercial success.  Merchant Media has similarly brought to market  many other top selling direct response TV products such as Pasta Pro, Gator Grip, and Singer Smart Scissors.

November 14, 2005

Joseph R. Birkner, M.E.,  Registered Patent Agent, Inventor, IANE  Member (Webmaster). "How To Turn Your Idea Into An Invention and Patent It" CLICK HERE TO READ THE NOVEMBER 14, 2005 IANE Presentation. Discover the inventing process steps ranging from Idea to Invention to Patent to Marketplace "I-I-P-M" (TM).  Coming up with the idea, what, how to invent, inventions, patents, marketing your invention and more.

October 17, 2005

Angelo Tortola, IANE member and President of  Venture Technologies in North Billerica, inventor and developer of  the Game Light (over six million sold), the Electronic Swing Groover golf training device featured in Brookstone and Sharper Image, plus medical and military equipment. TOPIC: "The Business of Inventing"

September 12, 2005

Jeffery Conley, President of Eureka Medical in Burlington, a resource for independent inventors with  ideas for medical devices and healthcare products.

July 11, 2005

John Westcott, Iane member and president of 3D Mechanical Design, 3D Solid Modeling is a handy dandy tool for inventors. John can be reached at 508-529-6558 or e mail: john@3dmechdesign.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

June 13, 2005

Michael Collins, founder and president of the Big Idea Group, product scouts in frequently contact with our members. .

May 9, 2005

Joe Schappler, owner and president of Helix Design, a product design and development firm in Manchester NH, spoke on the product development process.

April 11, 2005

Ronna Cohen, principal and founder of the 20-20 Group  spoke on  Success Takes More than Having a Great Product.

March 14, 2005

Herb Loeffler, veteran product designer and post 9/11 inventor of EasyDown, a rappelling device to escape from tall buildings.  EasyDown Corporation.  also article in Boston Business Journal at

February 14, 2005

Amy Smith of MIT, a 2004 recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Award, which includes a $500,000 grant.  Amy has dedicated herself to solving daily problems in the developing world, including simple means to produce clean drinking water, grind grain, and make cheap charcoal.  For more, Google Search: amy smith mit

January 10, 2005

David Allen, founder of Cogent Products, Inc.  COGENT PRODUCTS and inventor/developer/marketer of Helper's Handle Push Bar (for children's bicycles), Oar Secure, and FRS-1 Forearm Rifle Support.  Ken Bibby, who makes his living from inventing to order, and Bob Hausslein  added a few examples from their own experience to stimulate discussion.

December 13, 2004

Pat Rega and Seymour Sallett from the Boston office of SCORE, the Service Corps of Retired Executives.  SCORE  or  SCOREBOSTON   or call (in Boston, MA 10 Causeway Street) for help: (617) 565-5591..

November 15, 2004

Elizabeth D. Chicknavorian, who  spoke on the effective use of trademarks as an aid in the commercialization of inventions.  Ms. Chicknavorian's sole practitioner law practice in Dover, New Hampshire focuses on providing legal services for startup, small and mid-sized businesses pertaining to business formations, contracts, trademarks and copyrights.

October 18, 2004

Brent Short and Donald Job.  Brent is founder of Flex-Safe, Inc. which markets perimeter control technology such as collapsible barriers that he invented and developed.  The title of his talk is "Pedestrian Management for the 21st Century".  Don Job, longtime IANE supporter and invention consultant, has acted as an advisor to Brent during the development of his invention and business launch.  His companion talk is entitled "Elements of Success".

September 13, 2004

David Cormier and Karyl Lynch of Pelham West Associates, who as product scouts bring products to market under licensing arrangements and as consultants help determine the best commercialization opportunities for products.   TOPIC: "Strategies for Making Your Product Attractive to Potential Licensees".

July 12, 2004

Bob Krentzman of Chain Reaction Logistics; Topic: "Product Solutions from Concept to Consumer - integrating the functions of development, marketing, sales, distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment.

June 14, 2004

Dr. Richard Pavelle, President of Invent Resources, Inc.; Topic: " Setting up an Invention Creating Business". Invent Resources, Inc. is a business of creating inventions for clients, based on the premise that companies need and desire to outsource innovation. WEINVENT

May 10, 2004

Rick Malagodi of Opus Venture Group, LLD., a new company started with George d'Arbeloff (of the Big Idea Group).  TOPIC:  "Products for Television Media (QVC, HSN, etc.)." Web site: .

April 12, 2004

D. S. Kim, Ph. D.  TOPIC:  "Opportunities for the Independent Inventor in Automotive Power Systems". Hybrid gas/electric engines and fuel cells are not necessarily the wave of the future. Longtime inventor/entrepreneur D. S. Kim, Ph. D. has developed power technology both as an auto industry insider and outsider.  He  shared his views and demonstrated some underappreciated alternatives.

March 8, 2004

Bob Hausslein, President of IANE speaking from the perspective of an inventor, and David Rardin, President of Synthetic Intellect Corp.from the perspective of a patent professional.: TOPIC: "Minimize Time and Money Spent on Intellectual Property Protection".

February 9, 2004

Susan LaPlante-Dube, President Precision Marketing Group: TOPIC: "Build It & They Will Come - How to Sell the Value of Your Invention".  PRECISION MARKETING GROUP

January 12, 2004

Craig Carlson spoke on Successful Invention Development and Commercialization.  He holds several US Patents in the areas of inertial measurement and telecommunications, particularly relating to automobile accessories.

DECEMBER 8, 2003

Maureen Lincoln spoke on Designing Plastic Parts for Your Invention.  Maureen Lincoln is a product design consultant and founder of Applied Engineering Solutions.

NOVEMBER 10, 2003

Jim Levine of FitnessLab, a fitness equipment product development and licensing company, was a guest speaker. He presented a body-based product.

OCTOBER 20, 2003

Alaric Naiman, Phd. a consultant specializing in technical and organizational innovation. His presentation, Targeted Innovation:  Effective Development Of Your Ideas, focused on a selection of "mind tools" for innovation, plus a discussion of key factors that can hinder or help you. Alaric is now principal of Transition States (, a networked consultancy providing product and process innovation and management training. 


The "BIG IDEA GROUP (BIG) " conducts IDEA HUNTS for companies seeking new inventions to be put into the marketplace.  Michael Collins, CEO spoke about how BIG operates and what kinds of products are needed.   Michael Collins is the founder and CEO of Big Idea Group (BIG), an invention development agency. Big Idea uses a variety of methods to bring together independent inventors and idea-buying companies.  BIG IDEA GROUP

July 14, 2003

Joanne Hayes Rines, Publisher/Editor of Inventor's Digest Magazine and Robert Rines, Patent Attorney and member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Their talk was entitled "There Really are Secrets to Success as an Inventor ?" 

April 14, 2003

Dave Cormier and Karyl Lynch of Pelham West Associates,  match manufacturers and distributors with independent inventors.  Acting as product scouts, they help their client companies grow by finding new products developed by independent inventors.  They are seeking new inventions ready for licensing in selective product areas that they represent.  They state that there is never a charge to inventors for submission to them and they spoke on invention from an investor's standpoint, with emphasis on  licensing.

Mar 2003

Mark CoxAlvamed, Medical Product Development

Feb 2003

Sharon Mullen, Inventive Parent

Jan 2003

George d'ArbeloffBig Idea Group, Product Scouts

Dec 2002

Michael Ward, Lean Burn Engine

Nov 2002

Todd Burger, Lessons Learned from Someone who Thought He Knew Better

Oct 2002

Uma Murthy, Boston Public Library USPTO Patent Room for Patent Searches

Sep 2002

Pat Rega & Dora Chu, Free Business Advice through SCORE

Jul 2002

Gene Feher, Patent Strategy for Independent Inventors

Jun 2002

Bernard Lacomis, Unpredictability in a Changing Environment

May 2002

Ed Kois, Back Balancer & Abdominal Support

Apr 2002

James Downes, Jr., Pallets, Patents, and Piracy

Mar 2002

Darleen Flay, No Surprises! Minimizing the Risk of Manufacturing New Products

Feb 2002

Dick Brien, Small Products in Development

Jan 2002

Arthur Venditti, Inventing, Developing, Marketing Toys & Games

Dec 2001

Inventors "Showcase", Rehearsal for WHDH

Nov 2001

Michael Zane, Out of the Iron Age:  The Kryptonite Lock

Oct 2001

Joel Mallett, Aelectronic Bonding

Sep 2001

Joe Birkner, Patent Process

Jul 2001

Scott Keeley, Historical Invention Cycle & Product Evolution

Jun 2001

Interactive Group Discussions Format

May 2001

Bob Hausslein, Risky Inventing - Reclosable Bags

Apr 2001

Ken Bibby, Printing with Granules and Bob Hausslein, Charcoal Briquettes

Mar 2001

Interactive Format, Patent Searching Online

Feb 2001

Don Job, Inventing for a Need to Get Bigger Payoffs

Jan 2001

Joe Birkner, How to Turn Your Idea into an Invention and Patent It

Dec 2000

Jake Maslow, Invention Developer

Nov 2000

Michael Gorjian, Trade Secrets and Neon Signs

Oct 2000

Roundtable - Don Gammon & Joe Birkner, Water Hyacinths & Patents

Sep 2000

Michael Kirsh, Market Research for Inventors

Jul 2000

Joanne Hayes-Rines, How to Market at Trade Shows, to Catalogs, to Retail

Jun 2000

Hal Meyer, How to Commercialize an Invention

May 2000

Rudolf Winston, Futurist

Apr 2000

Joseph Cote, Craig Carlson & David Levy, ADLE Developing and Commercializing Technologies

Mar 2000

Charlie Miller, Doc Edgerton of MIT Strobe Lab

Feb 2000

Bette LaCivita, Getting Finance

Jan 2000

Bonni Carson-Di Matteo & Donna Maltzan, Sales for Non-Salesmen

Dec 1999

Phil Kopel, Market Research from Conception to Consumption

Nov 1999

Charles Zayat, Paint Shaver and Vacuum Sander

Oct 1999

David Cormier & Karyl Lynch, Pelham West Product Scouts

Sep 1999

Ken Bibby, How to Produce an Informational Video About Your Invention

Jul 1999

Darleen Flaig, Negotiating Tactics

Jun 1999

Jac Philips & Brian Hawkins, Product Engineering & Packaging Design

May 1999

Ann Stoner, Intellectual Property & Product Liability Insurance & Ken Davis, Inventor Concerns

Apr 1999

Michael Hirtle, Hasbro Games - Product Acquisitions

Mar 1999

Bruce Nappi, Adventures in Inventing

Feb 1999

Discussion Format, Ken Gifford, Robert Brown, David Cormier & Karyl Lynch

Jan 1999

Barry Dicker, Ask the Business Lawyer

Dec 1998

Rudy Winston, Sumatran Monkeys Don't Have 20/20 Visions

Nov 1998

Martin Eerhart, Negotiating a Sale

Oct 1998

Peter Lothes, Business Incubators

Sep 1998

Joanne Hayes-Rines, Patent Legislation Affecting the Individual Inventor

Jul 1998

Leonard Schwab, But Can You Sell It?

Jun 1998

Fred Ruland, Commercializing and Manufacturing

May 1998

Debbie Hauser, How to Do a Trade Show

Apr 1998

Jeffrey Snow, Trade Secrets - Economic Espionage Act of 1996

Mar 1998

Don Job, Marketing 101 for Inventors

Feb 1998

Anne Wheeler, From Idea to Product - Business Plan

Jan 1998

Brian Dingman, How to Get Into & Close a Licensing Deal

Dec 1997

Bob Hall, High Speed Wheelchairs

Nov 1997

Darleen Flaig, Getting Your Invention Manufactured

Oct 1997

Joe Iandiorio, The Changing World of Intellectual Property

Sep 1997

Dan Coriat, Bringing Your Product to ADLE for Development

Jul 1997

Earle Rhyne, Inventing Experiences Electrical

Jun 1997

Ilana Gerard, Marketing Your Invention Internationally

May 1997

David Levy, Inventing to Fill a Need

Apr 1997

Woody Friedlander, Licensing

Mar 1997

Andy Spivak, Infomercials

Feb 1997

Barry Sanders, Outsourcing Product Development

Jan 1997

Arthur Ganson, Toobers and Zots

Dec 1996

Brian Braginton-Smith, Sustainability, Creativity, & Innovation as Keys to the Future

Nov 1996

Jack Pevenstein, Energy Related Invention Program and Other Sources of Funding to Develop Inventions

Oct 1996

John Bookwalter, Perils & Pitfalls in Turning a Great Idea into a Successful Product

Sep 1996

Robert RinesOrville LitzsingerJohn McGarry Lois Boland, Patent Harmonization

Aug 1996

Tour of the Charles River Museum of Industry

Jul 1996

Gary Heisson, How to Turn Your Big Ideas into Inventions w/o Going Broke

Jun 1996

David Wong, The Discovery of Drugs to Treat Depression

May 1996

Shevawn HardestyBetty Kadis, & Robert Crowley,  Financing Startups-Venture Capital and Other Options

Apr 1996

Andrew Dibner, Taking an Invention to Market

Mar 1996

Liane Reif-Lehrer, How to Write a Good Grant Application

Feb 1996

Amy Porter, How to Evaluate, Protect and Value and Invention

Jan 1996

No Minutes, Snow Cancellation

Dec 1995

Carl Hardy, How to Introduce Products to a Company

Nov 1995

Sandra Weintraub, Creative Problem Solving Techniques Using Dreams

Oct 1995

Joe Iandiorio, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets

Sep 1995

Bob Buntin, Lost Wax Investment Casting

Aug 1995


Jul 1995

Don Gammon, ECO Inventing and Entrepreneurship

Jun 1995

Stan Mason, How to Make Inventing Easy

May 1995

Don Job, Package Design Exercise

Apr 1995

William Gosz, GATT & the Inventor

Mar 1995

Babu Rao Obilichetti, The Art of Licensing

Feb 1995

Steve Caney, Invention to Income

Jan 1995

Michael Dansky, Valuation of Technology

Dec 1994

Tom Stylianos, Trademarks, Trade Names &
Feb 2002   Dick Brien  Small Products in Development 
Jan 2002   Arthur Venditti  Inventing, Developing, Marketing Toys & Games 
Dec 2001     Inventors "Showcase", Rehearsal for WHDH 
Nov 2001   Michael Zane  Out of the Iron Age: The Kryptonite Lock 
Oct 2001   Joel Mallett  Aelectronic Bonding 
Sep 2001   Joe Birkner  Patent Process 
Jul 2001   Scott Keeley  Historical Invention Cycle & Product Evolution 
Jun 2001     Interactive Group Discussions Format 
May 2001   Bob Hausslein  Risky Inventing - Reclosable Bags 
Apr 2001 page 2 page 3 Ken Bibby & Bob Hausslein  Printing with Granules and Charcoal Briquettes 
Mar 2001     Interactive Format, Patent Searching Online 
Feb 2001 page 2 page 3 Don Job  Inventing for a Need to Get Bigger Payoffs 
Jan 2001 page 2 page 3 Joe Birkner  How to Turn Your Idea into an Invention and Patent It 
Dec 2000 page 2 page 3 Jake Maslow  Invention Developer 
Nov 2000   Michael Gorjian  Trade Secrets and Neon Signs 
Oct 2000 page 2 page 3 Don Gammon & Joe Birkner  Roundtable - Water Hyacinths & Patents 
Sep 2000 page 2 page 3 Michael Kirsh  Market Research for Inventors 
Jul 2000 page 2 page 3 Joanne Hayes-Rines  How to Market at Trade Shows, to Catalogs, to Retail 
Jun 2000 page 2 page 3 Hal Meyer  How to Commercialize an Invention 
May 2000 page 2 page 3 Rudolf Winston  Futurist 
Apr 2000 page 2 page 3 Joseph Cote, Craig Carlson & David Levy ADLE Developing and Commercializing Technologies  
Mar 2000 page 2 page 3 Charlie Miller  Doc Edgerton of MIT Strobe Lab 
Feb 2000 page 2 page 3 Bette LaCivita  Getting Finance 
Jan 2000 page 2 page 3 Bonni Carson-Di Matteo & Donna Maltzan  Sales for Non-Salesmen 
Dec 1999 page 2 page 3 Phil Kopel  Market Research from Conception to Consumption 
Nov 1999 page 2 page 3 Charles Zayat  Paint Shaver and Vacuum Sander 
Oct 1999 page 2 page 3 David Cormier & Karyl Lynch  Pelham West Product Scouts 
Sep 1999   Ken Bibby  How to Produce an Informational Video About Your Invention 
Jul 1999 page 2 page 3 Darleen Flaig  Negotiating Tactics 
Jun 1999 page 2 page 3 Jac Philips & Brian Hawkins  Product Engineering & Packaging Design 
May 1999 page 2 page 3 Ann Stoner & Ken Davis  Intellectual Property & Product Liability Insurance & Inventor Concerns 
Apr 1999 page 2 page 3 Michael Hirtle  Hasbro Games - Product Acquisitions 
Mar 1999 page 2 page 3 Bruce Nappi  Adventures in Inventing 
Feb 1999 page 2 page 3 Ken Gifford, Robert Brown, David Cormier & Karyl Lynch  Discussion 
Jan 1999 page 2 page 3 Barry Dicker  Ask the Business Lawyer 
Dec 1998 page 2 page 3 Rudy Winston  Sumatran Monkeys Don't Have 20/20 Visions 
Nov 1998 page 2 page 3 Martin Eerhart  Negotiating a Sale 
Oct 1998 page 2 page 3 Peter Lothes  Business Incubators 
Sep 1998   Joanne Hayes-Rines  Patent Legislation Affecting the Individual Inventor 
Jul 1998 page 2 page 3 Leonard Schwab  But Can You Sell It? 
Jun 1998 page 2 page 3 Fred Ruland  Commercializing and Manufacturing 
May 1998 page 2 page 3 Debbie Hauser  How to Do a Trade Show 
Apr 1998 page 2 page 3 Jeffrey Snow  Trade Secrets - Economic Espionage Act of 1996 
Mar 1998 page 2 page 3 Don Job  Marketing 101 for Inventors 
Feb 1998 page 2 page 3 Anne Wheeler  From Idea to Product - Business Plan 
Jan 1998 page 2 page 3 Brian Dingman  How to Get Into & Close a Licensing Deal 
Dec 1997 page 2 page 3 Bob Hall  High Speed Wheelchairs 
Nov 1997   Darleen Flaig  Getting Your Invention Manufactured 
Oct 1997 page 2 page 3 Joe Iandiorio  The Changing World of Intellectual Property 
Sep 1997 page 2 page 3 Dan Coriat  Bringing Your Product to ADLE for Development 
Aug 1997   [none]  no meeting 
Jul 1997 page 2 page 3 Earle Rhyne  Inventing Experiences Electrical 
Jun 1997 page 2 page 3 Ilana Gerard  Marketing Your Invention Internationally 
May 1997 page 2 page 3 David Levy  Inventing to Fill a Need 
Apr 1997   Woody Friedlander  Licensing 
Mar 1997   Andy Spivak  Infomercials 
Feb 1997   Barry Sanders  Outsourcing Product Development 
Jan 1997 page 2 page 3 Arthur Ganson  Toobers and Zots 
Dec 1996 page 2 page 3 Brian Braginton-Smith  Sustainability, Creativity, & Innovation as Keys to the Future 
Nov 1996 page 2 page 3 Jack Pevenstein  Energy Related Invention Program and Other Sources of Funding to Develop Inventions 
Oct 1996 page 2 page 3 John Bookwalter  Perils & Pitfalls in Turning a Great Idea into a Successful Product 
Sep 1996 page 2 page 3 Robert Rines, Orville Litzsinger, John McGarry & Lois Boland  Patent Harmonization 
   [none]  Tour of the Charles River Museum of Industry 
Jul 1996 page 2 page 3 Gary Heisson  How to Turn Your Big Ideas into Inventions w/o Going Broke 
Jun 1996 page 2 page 3 David Wong  The Discovery of Drugs to Treat Depression 
May 1996 page 2 page 3 Shevawn Hardesty, Betty Kadis, & Robert Crowley  Financing Startups-Venture Capital and Other Options 
Apr 1996 page 2 page 3 Andrew Dibner  Taking an Invention to Market 
Mar 1996 page 2 page 3 Liane Reif-Lehrer  How to Write a Good Grant Application 
Feb 1996 page 2 page 3 Amy Porter,  How to Evaluate, Protect and Value and Invention 
Jan 1996 page 2 page 3 [none]  No minutes, snow cancellation 
Dec 1995 page 2 page 3 Carl Hardy  How to Introduce Products to a Company 
Nov 1995 page 2 page 3 Sandra Weintraub  Creative Problem Solving Techniques Using Dreams 
Oct 1995 page 2 page 3 Joe Iandiorio  Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets 
Sep 1995 page 2 page 3 Bob Buntin  Lost Wax Investment Casting 
Aug 1995 page 2 page 3 [No Speaker]  Discussion 
Jul 1995 page 2 page 3 Don Gammon  ECO Inventing and Entrepreneurship 
June 1995 page 2 page 3 Stan Mason  How to Make Inventing Easy 
May 1995 page 2 page 3 Don Job  Package Design Exercise 
Apr 1995 page 2 page 3 William Gosz  GATT & the Inventor 
Mar 1995 page 2 page 3 Babu Rao Obilichetti  The Art of Licensing 
Feb 1995 page2 page3 Steve Caney  Invention to Income 
Jan 1995 page 2 page 3 Michael Dansky  Valuation of Technology 
Dec 1994   Tom Stylianos  Trademarks, Trade Names & Patents 
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