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GREAT INFO Helpful tips and info of interest to budding inventors 
INVENTING TIPS  More tips to help you invent better
SHARK TANK  Two important lessons learned.


US PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE Special Independent inventor's pages  PTO Independent Inventors

U.S. Department of Energy Possible funding for your energy related invention  D.O.E.

 Learn how things work   How Stuff Works

Information about some IANE meetings you may have missed:

Do You Have An Idea For an Invention?   FROM IDEA To INVENTION  (Coming Soon)

Patent Information of Interest  PATENT PLACE  (Coming Soon)

Good Information about patents    PATENTS ET AL   (Coming Soon)

Inventor's Digest Magazine is a great publication for Inventors   Inventors' Digest

Wide range of drawing & design services for inventors and entrepreneurs available from  Holt Drawing & Design

Product and Business Development Services    ENBEDE    

Product development and innovation expert Louis Foreman is the creator and executive producer of the Emmy Award winning PBS show Everyday Edisons, CEO of Edison Nation, publisher of Inventors Digest magazine, founder and chief executive of the integrated product design and engineering firm Enventys, creator of five successful startups, and holder of nine US Patents.  His firm is responsible for the development and filing of 150 more.  (October 12, 2009:  Speaker)

The "BIG IDEA GROUP (BIG) " conducts IDEA HUNTS for companies seeking new inventions to be put into the marketplace.  Michael Collins is the founder and CEO of Big Idea Group (BIG), an invention development agency. BIG conducts nationwide Roadshows, where inventors confidentially present ideas to a panel of industry experts, and Idea Hunts, where client companies solicit BIG’s inventor network for ideas relating to market opportunities. Since its inception in 2000, Big Idea stated that they have developed or licensed over 30 ideas, working with such companies as Target, Toys “R” Us, Avon, Hasbro, QVC, Basic Fun, Skil-Bosch, Binney & Smith, Dremel and Staples, among others.  BIG is headquarted in Manchester, New Hampshire.   BIG IDEA GROUP  (September 8, 2008 and September 8, 2003: Speaker)

Gus Bigos of Evergreen IP  spoke on Commercializing Your Invention,  including trends in open innovation at consumer product companies, key attributes of successful new products, pros and cons of various routes to commercialization, including (but not only) a discussion of the approach at Evergreen IP.  Note that some inventions of IANE member Nancy Kerrigan are being developed by Evergreen IP.  (May 15, 2006: Speaker)  
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