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Beer and Pizza Meet & Greet for Artisan’s Asylum and Inventors Association of New England

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Who: Inventors and Makers

What: Beer and Pizza Meet & Greet for Artisan’s Asylum and Inventors Association of New England

When: Monday, 4/8/19 6:15pm (networking and food while it lasts), 7:00pm meeting start

Where: Artisan’s Asylum, 10 Tyler St, Somerville, MA (Directions and Parking)

Why: Build partnerships and enable collaboration between creative thinkers and makers to help advance the goals of both.

Background: Many IANE members have creative ideas, but lack the knowledge, materials, and equipment to fully explore prototyping and product development. IANE membership is also comprised of experienced and successful inventors who have commercialized products and offer direction to less experienced members.

Artisan’s Asylum members are doers, makers, and artisans who understand how products are built. We anticipate that the makers at Artisan’s Asylum will glean valuable knowledge and connections for product commercialization by collaborating with IANE, while members of IANE can become connected to resources for product development and prototyping by learning about the materials, processes, and skills available for constructing their idea.

The synergy that will come from connecting these two groups of creative energies and doers will allow progress toward the goals of members of both groups.

Looking forward to seeing you there, please sign up here so we have a food and drink count.

Special Invitation: Along with the food, drink, and a facility tour, we have time slots available for 2 members from each group to briefly explain what they’re working on, and in what areas they’d like assistance.

  • If you’re an inventor with an idea and are looking for help with CAD, materials, prototyping, etc., this is your chance to get help.
  • If you’re a maker who offers services for hire, teaches a class, or has a product in early stages and are wondering what to do with it next, this is your opportunity to connect.
  • Reply to this email to request one of the four time slots.

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